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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  June 18, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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joran van der sloot murder case. his former girlfriend is speaking out and now his mother's secret e-mail messages and whether she thinks he is guilty. an emotional goodbye. >> he was a great role model for these kids. >> how loved ones are remembering wesley brown.
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first, the inauguration of stephen strasburg reaches a new height. president obama stops by. >> why he was not the only reason the president was there. captioned by the national captioning institute new heights of the strasburg phenom has hit the area. we begin tonight with president obama's visit to nationals park to see the pitcher and his favorite team. rebecca cooper has more on all the excitement out there. >> tonight, at the most popular man in washington was here at national stadium along with president obama. one of the better known sports
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fans was at national stadium. >> he kind of said the president might be here. but then he came out and waved to everybody. >> fans were excited to see president obama. >> who are you here to see tonight? >> strasburg. >> they forget the president's motorcade for making them late. >> he shook my mom's hand, so it was worth it. >> you get to shake the president's hand. how are you feeling? >> pretty excited. >> i knew something was going on. i should have anticipated he would be here. >> the president proudly wore his white sox have, something the virginia senator could not resist giving him ribbing about. >> i would at expected him to be more neutral.
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>> she is a national stand. >> the president is for the white sox. are you ok with that? >> yes. i'm glad he likes the white sox. >> many people were surprised to learn the president was here. security was not nearly as tight as the day he threw out the opening pitch. the president came with his brother and long and daughters and a lot of secret service -- his brother in law. we will have highlights of the game coming up later in sports. i think everyone knows the president is a sports fan. mr. obama throughout the first pitch on opening day and he performed the same duty in st. louis last year. and he hosted the new york yankees at the white house.
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an emotional night for friends and family of a new trooper gone down. wesley brown was murdered one week ago today. john gonzales joins us live with the word on how loved ones are remembering him. >> this was a five hour viewing and it was busy the entire time. hundreds of people from law- enforcement to regular neighbors came together to mourn with the troopers family. everyone said he was a man who served his community well. >> trooper brown stopped me for a minor traffic offense and he was very kind. >> mostly everyone who went to the church had a story to tell. each story described wesley brown has a stellar police officer who dedicated his time to giving back.
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>> we would see him all the time where i worked. >> he was gunned down while moonlighting as a security guard for a local restaurant. last week he threw out an unruly patient. cyril williams later came back with a gun and shot him in the parking lot. >> especially when you lose someone. >> three years ago he started mentoring hundreds of young men. tonight, many of them came to say goodbye. >> he was always doing things with them, taking them places. >> police officers from jennifer and jurisdictions felt the need to attend their fellow officers wake. >> it is heartfelt when this happens. >> this sergeant says all he wanted to do was serve. >> if there was something wrong he accepted that responsibility.
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he had a bright future. >> we understand that the inner loop of the beltway will be shut down tomorrow from noon until 2:30 p.m. for a massive funeral procession. the funeral will begin at 10:00 a.m. in landover. an amazing show of support. we are monitoring the aftermath of deadly storms in the midwest. crews are assessing the damage after tornadoes left behind a path of destruction. twisters touched down late last night. the national weather service collected 36 reports of tornadoes sightings. this could exceed a record from 1992. closer to home, get ready for the heat and could use some sunscreen. is there a chance of severe
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storms coming this way? we will find out with bob ryan. >> we are up in the weather center. this has been unusual to see this cluster of storms this far north. usually in july and august we see these storms. these stretch over a few hundred miles. these are complex systems. they tend to die out at night and reinvigorate during the day. you can get an idea of the trajectory will be saying to our north. if you are heading up to the north you are looking at nasty storms. 100 reports of wind damage during the last day or so as these systems move across the midwest. we tap into one of the weatherbug sites. in chicago, wind gusts of 70 miles per hour. right now the main effects will
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be from -- will not be from the storms. we will look for a return of heat and humidity. a new emigration controversy is being fueled by the obama administration. this sparked from comments made by hillary clinton. she said the justice department plans to sue the state of arizona over its new immigration law. the arizona governor expressed her anchor. no official comment from the justice department -- expressed her ancger. crews are still preparing -- still working on a gas leak in manassas. a stretch of both rhodes remains closed as workers make their repairs. police are reverting drivers. coming up, joran van der
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sloot's mother and her e-mail message about her son's murder case. find out what she is saying. >> the first apple store opens in the district. i will give you an inside look coming up.
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patrons at an upscale georgetown restaurant were forced to evacuate after a fire. firefighters were shutting down the busy road. the bigger a dent in georgetown is the opening of the apple store. cynee simpson is live in georgetown. >> id is because this is the first apple store in the district. -- it is because.
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people lined up to come inside of here today. it was two years and five proposals in the making. with music blaring and computers glowing, apple welcome guests into its new location this evening. >> it is pretty wild. i thought i had won something. >> i want the new ipad. i am coming back to get it. >> he is not the only fan. hundreds of ipad, ipod and iphone lubbers lined up hours before the doors opened -- iphone love firstrs. many were curious about -- iphone lovers. >> those other buildings are more modern than this.
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>> i happened to be in the neighborhood and saw the people outside. >> which is great for sales. other businesses are hoping extra foot traffic will equal a big summer. >> i think it is maybe because of [inaudible] >> chances are the crowds will not be dying down anytime soon. on june 24 apple will release the new iphone. people will be lined up once again. thank you. still to come, joran van der sloot's mother speculates on here sons guilt or innocence. we will find out what her e-mail messages reveal. your safety behind the wheel. >> can "toy story" pick up?
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♪ my country ♪ 'tis of thee ♪ sweet land ♪ of liberty ♪ of thee i sing [ laughs ] ♪ oh, land ♪ where my fathers died ♪ land of the pilgrims' pride ♪ from every mountainside ♪ let freedom ring ♪
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to the latest on the oil disaster. tony hayward is out andy will no longer be the point man. and positive news about the cleanup. the coast guard admiral says a new containment system is capturing more than 1 million gallons of oil a day. the mother of joran van der sloot says her son is not a murderer and is being set up. abc news attained an e-mail that she said to her son is not the monster. he is traumatized and has an addiction. she plans to visit her son in a jail cell today. it is not just teenagers to like to text and drive.
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a new study shows adults are just as guilty. the study finds 40 chris -- 47% of adults text while driving. a higher percentage of adults talk on their cell phone. the latest installment of the cartoon classic and the real look at an infamous entertainer. those are two movies arch campbell is talking about. >> you have a play date with destiny. >> a movie of the week, "toy story 3," funny and touching. >> also joan rivers, a no-holds- barred documentary on the hardest working woman in show business. three-point five stars and rated r. also, josh parole and in a comic
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book or movie western regionjosh brolin. the best bet is "toy story" and "the karate kid." i am arch campbell. >> make sure it has ac in the movies. it is back to july. this june is about the hottest we have seen. great baseball weather. heading out to the park, remember this night well. it was perfect with a comfortable humidity. for the foreseeable future the humidity will be back through next week. our temperature outside is still comfortable at 73 degrees. our high was still a little bit above average. this weekend as we head towards
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the summer solstice, had you been counting? almost 5.5 hours more daylight than last december. right now around our area here is live doppler. with those clear skies you can see that moon. nothing going on. there will not be over the weekend. if you are heading up towards pennsylvania, you will have to watch those leftover storms. look at the rain fall. 70 degrees and quite a variety. when we get into this summer patterns there are passing thunderstorms. 4.5 inches of rain in sterling. other sites have not had as much. some spots have only had 1.5 inches, so in other areas of the weatherbug network it has been much lower. in downtown washington, less
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than that. the high temperature today is 87 degrees. but look out in the mid part of the country. temperatures in the 90's again. it has been much warmer than average. san diego and los angeles, sometimes nature makes imbalances, three degrees cooler there. right now is still 80-87. 90 degrees in dallas. there is that area of the severe weather. some of those clusters will move to our north. it will be coming with a southwesterly winds. still comfortable overnight. fort tomorrow, the humidity comes back and temperatures near 90. with that humidity it will feel like it is in the high 90's. for the foreseeable future, 90
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or higher with temperatures -- nighttime temperatures will not get anywhere below 70 degrees into next week. each afternoon there is a slight chance for an afternoon thundershower. this summer solstice is on monday. after that, at daylight begins to decrease. have a good weekend. they're fishermen, they're shrimpers, they're laborers, they're deckhands, they're people who work in restaurants... these are the people of the gulf coast who need our help. i'm darryl willis. i oversee bp's claims process on the gulf coast. bp has got to make things right and that's why we're here. part of that responsibility is letting you know
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what we're doing to make it right. we're replacing the lost income for fishermen, small businessmen and others who aren't able to work until the spill is cleaned up. our claims line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. people can call or go online and we'll help them figure out what information they need to file a claim. we've got about 900 people handling claims and 25 walk-in offices in 4 states. so far we've paid eighteen thousand claims, at no cost to taxpayers. more than fifty one million dollars. i was born and raised in louisiana. i volunteered for this assignment because this is my home. i'll be here in the gulf as long as it takes to make this right.
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coming up, the tanning tax. that is in about 11 minutes from now. the national star in a battle where horace holmes as. >> president obama and a crowd of 40,000 get treated to an outstanding pitching performance by stephen strasburg. another jaw dropping out and buy
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1,260 miles of coastline. there are plenty of places in florida where you can enjoy crystal clear waters and a great beach vacation. see for yourself in real-time at florida live... webcams, daily video, beach updates and real photos to help you find your own florida beach. get the facts. go to florida live at the toyota sports desk come up brought to you by your toyota dealer, of moving you forward. the exciting night here at national park. with its beautiful weather
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tonight, a packed house and the president in attendance. they were all here to watch another outstanding pitching performance by stephen strasburg. only he threw 85 pitches in seven innings. he struck out 10 and wanted to pitch more. bottom of the seventh, he ties it. we go into extra innings. alex breaks the tie. great stuff by ryan zimmerman. the throw to first was high. the white sox win. no decision for stephen strasburg, who was pretty psyched about pitching before the president. >> it was also. obviously he is from chicago so he wanted to watch the white sox, but it has been a great atmosphere.
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aipac house and everybody is on their feet. -- a packed hourse. >> he threw the ball great. unfortunately that first inning they got something going, but it was not too many scored. >> to the world cup and team usa was outstanding, but they are crying foul after a controversial call against slovenia. all tied at 2. landon donovan with a free kick right on the [unintelligible] what appeared to be a goal, but the referee called a foul and wiped out the goal. to pebble beach and the u.s. open, here is your leader. he is sinking that birdie putt to put him at -3. he was on fire today.
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he shot 66 and finished one under. that is a look at sports. mark your calendars, june 23 is the next time stephen strasburg will be on the mound at nationals park to take on the kansas city royals. >> june 23, i got you. we will see you then.
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>> a summery weekend. it will be a good weekend foreboding. it is a -- a good boating weekend. the water temperatures in the mid 70's. on sunday, much the same with a southwesterly wind.
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the next few days will be more like july. >>
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